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Have Leash, Will Travel in Aurora, Colorado provides dog walking and cat and small animal sitting services. Services areas include Aurora, Green Valley Ranch (GVR), Aurora Highlands, Painted Prairie, Singletree, The Reserve, Hawks Landing, Horizon Uptown, Murphy Creek, Cross Creek, and surrounding neighborhoods. 

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Dog Walking Services

$22 per 30 min. walk

Dog Walks are a private outing with just your dog(s) in your neighborhood. Fresh air, exercise, and mental stimulation is a great way to help break up their day. We walk at a pace comfortable for your pet and while burning energy is the goal, having a moment to stop & sniff is a good brain workout too. A tired dog is a happy dog! All walks are customized for your individual dog's needs. 

Puppy visits are 30 min. and can include outside time, playtime, and feeding as needed. The youngest of puppies usually start out with potty breaks and playtime in their own yard/home to protect them from exposure to contagions until they get their complete vaccinations.  Once fully protected we head out for walks and reinforce any puppy training you are working on.

No upcharges for extra dogs!

Have Leash, Will Travel fees are based on time, not the number of pets. No matter if you have one, two, or three+ dogs, if they can all walk together you only pay for one walk. If your dogs need to be walked separately you would pay for each walk needed. 


Cat & Small Animal Sitting Service

$22 per 30 min. visit

Vacation cat sitting visits are done in your home and include feeding, litter box scooping, and socialization. Visits will be customized for your individual cat's needs.  Oral meds as needed.

Also included are basic house sitting duties such as bringing in the mail/newspaper, turning on/off lights, watering indoor plants and opening/closing blinds to give the house a lived-in look.

No upcharges for extra cats/pets!

Visits are based on time not the number of pets. 

* Not currently accepting new dog vacation pet sitting clients. Still accepting cats and small animals for pet sitting.

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